Ready to build a real relationship with your therapist?

Moore Care Therapy and Psychology clinic believes that mental health care is a right, not a privilege. Anyone who needs counseling should have it.  We provide affordable, sliding-scale counseling to people in need for as long as they need care. We are a counseling center where pre-licensed therapists provide counseling under the supervision of a licensed professional. 

Moore Care Therapy and Psychology clinic is here to help you reach your individual potential and create healthier relationships in your life. Sometimes, life throws you a curve ball or you hit a bump in the road. We are here to help you free yourself from situations you feel stuck in and find your path to greater happiness and fulfillment. If you are experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues or other burdens in your life, we welcome you to our practice to start the process of healing, growth, and transformation.

We want to help you reduce the stress of finding an online therapist and make the process of beginning online therapy as easy as possible. We seek to provide the best services.



Start receiving that care you need from the comfort of your home.

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